The 2D and 3D conceptual design drafting & analysis software is produced by a team of people with experience in product design and development. They also support customers right from the outset of the design cycle in terms of translating the concept to tangible drawings, creating product views in 2D & 3D, migrating drawing across tools or converting 2D to 3D drawings or detailing any part to the granular level needed by the customer. The team can help to take your products to the market faster.

The team have based these offerings from using the advanced industry standard CAD tools and technologies. The 2D and 3D conceptual design drafting & analysis software engineers are skilled in detail designing, virtual validation of designs and producing engineering drawings make sure the designs are ready for manufacture. This team has the ability in a lot of CAD/CAM applications using the leading CAD software like CATIA V5/V6, NX Uni Graphics, I-DEAS NX, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor and AutoCAD.

2D and 3D Conceptual Design Drafting & Analysis Software Features

2D & 3D Conceptual Design Drafting & Analysis Software

– Conceptual Design
– 2D to 3D Modeling
– Un-parametric to Parametric Conversion
– Legacy Data and Drawings Conversion
– CAD Customization
– Draft for Plastic and Casting Parts
– Assembly
– Drafting

The 2D and 3D conceptual design drafting & analysis software provides a range of solutions with analysis and simulations for on design optimization. The core team at Redeem Software consists of leading industry professionals with vast domain expertise and relevant technical backgrounds.

The Structural Analysis

– FE modelling – meshing.
– Stress, Vibration, Thermal & Heat transfer analysis.
– Dynamic Analysis (Normal Mode, Transient & Frequency Response, Random Vibration).
– Interior/Exterior acoustic analysis due to various noise generating sources.
– Frequency, Point mobility, NVH and durability analysis.
– Fatigue, Fracture and Failure Analysis.
– Non-Linear Analysis (Crash, Contact-Impact, Material, Geometric)
– Design optimization studies for existing and new designs (size, shape, topology) and multidisciplinary optimization.
– Fluid-structure Interaction studies: Acoustics, Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics and Sloshing.
– Crash simulation/crashworthiness studies
– Layered composite analysis.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

– Mesh generation for varieties of CFD analysis.
– Internal and External flow analysis.
– Heat transfer, mass transfer, chemical reaction & combustion.
– Dispersed multiphase, porous media, free surface & cavitation effects.
– Conjugate heat transfer including conduction, convection & radiation.
– Steady-state and transient state flow simulations.
– CFD application in rotating machinery like Pumps, Compressors & Turbines.
– Combustion & simulation in IC engines (SI & CI), gas turbine combustors, furnaces etc.
– Transient simulations involving mesh movement’s viz. sliding, rotating, dynamic cell addition and deletion techniques.
– Customization of various CFD tools to do CFD analysis with incorporation of new physical models through user programming

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