To get real estate website backlinks, it is necessary to use proper anchors for your website (the perfect anchor text will be a popular keyword, with the help of which people will find your texts, pages and websites). Every professional real estate blogger should know how to use different strategies to get backlinks and generate traffic in such a way. Here, we want to share the 3 easiest though very effective ways to do that. Just don’t ignore them, and you will be impressed by results very soon.

If you want your real estate blog or website to become really popular and successful, you will not be able to avoid its promotion. As far as you understand, your blog will be nothing without traffic, but how to get this traffic? Backlinks are your rescue here: the bigger the backlinks number, the more targeted traffic you get to your website, and the higher rank it will have in search engines as a result.

You must be a Top Commenter

Real Estate Website Backlinks

Just pay attention to some top rated real estate blogs or website: almost all of them have such a plug-in as Top Commentators, where the names of the most active readers and commentators appear. You can easily become one of them, if you visit this blog, read its content attentively, and leave some really informative and useful comments on them.

The point is that you leave a link to your website together with your every comment. Isn’t it a good and easy way to get backlinks from a top blog? But remember one very important thing here: don’t spam! A blog’s moderators will never let spam comments appear on their blog, but they always welcome the comments that can help readers or cause a good discussion. So, don’t lose your chance to become a top commentator of some really popular resource.

You must be an author of a WordPress Theme

Do you have any skills of a designer? Why not create some beautiful real estate theme for WordPress? Just put an anchored link at the bottom of your theme as being its author, and that is it! All bloggers, who will use our theme as a template for their blogs or websites, will actually offer a backlink to your blog.

Isn’t it the easiest and fastest way to generate traffic? The only thing here is to design a really good real estate WordPress theme, that will attract many people. If you cannot do that yourself, maybe it is worth asking a pro and experienced designer to help you with that.

You must be Guest Blogger

Being a blogger yourself, you definitely know about such a phenomenon as a guest blogging, that can help you get some backlinks to your own website. Just write an article on some real estate blogs who accept guest post (usually, they do it for free), and add a link to your website to an article’s body or your author’s bio. The article you are reading now is an example of guest posting as well.

Guest posting is your chance to get most backlinks with little efforts. The only thing is to know a topic very well for other bloggers to accept your post for publishing. Try to offer unique, interesting and useful content, as if you wrote for assignment help online and you will see your post published very soon.