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3D Hotel Building Construction Simulation Mobile Game

The 3D hotel building construction game is what you need to build the most useful and interesting buildings and the hotels. Explore building area driving a construction truck loaded with bricks and other materials and start your own architectural project. The player mission is to build a large and comfortable hotel in the central area of the beautiful island! Feel yourself like a real brigadier.

Hotel Building Construction Simulation Mobile Game

You will collect the necessary materials from the storehouse, operate tower crane to move concrete blocks, drive a truck to transport stones and steel, and load it with the help of special forklift! Use excavator to dig holes and bulldozers to rake up the garbage! Build the floors one by one and unlock new possibilities for your building site.

The 3D hotel building construction will aid you to become the best constructor ever sitting behind the stirring wheel of your special auto technic! Improve your driving, parking and loading skills and you’ll be generously awarded! Mix concrete to make the foundation and soon you’ll be able to build the last highest level with the helicopter platform on it.

3D Hotel Building Construction Simulation Mobile Game Features

– Ultimate hotel building simulator
– Opportunity to pass all stages of construction
– Wide range of different missions
– Realistic 3D graphics
– Addictive gameplay

Do your best and finish the construction in time with Hotel Building Construction. Earn points for successfully completed missions and unlock new levels for your amazing hotel, or buy power-ups for your special technic. Try to finish everything in time and don’t miss any stages of construction! Become the best architect ever and have fun.  You can visit the Google Play store to download your Android OS version of the 3D hotel building construction simulation mobile game.

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