Criminal minds are always ready to decode the old security system. The security systems we are using 5-10 years back are outdated as notorious minds know how to crack them now. The criminal mind is always ready for something unusual and walk one step ahead of the advancement. Hence this calls for time-to-time updates on the home security technology and have Consistent R&D to upgrade the security systems both for home and business as well.

The recent advancements in the home security technology has given new dynamics to the security system that is way beyond your imagination. The home security systems are very smart. They not only offer the blanket of security against burglary and fire, but even against carbon monoxide and freezing alert to protect your plumbing system.

They even extend outside your home, they provide invisible barricades, which will restrict any intruders to enter your premises they have sensors that detect the body heat and the motion detectors that will trigger the alarm. Security is just one thing, but new technology has made this security system more smart, versatile and more accessible.

Below are some extracts to supporting Advance in Technology for More Secured Home


– The service providers make sure that if the some uneven activity happens at your home, then you are not the only person to now about it. The alarm will also intimate about activity to the staff at the end of the service provider. So if you miss the alarm then at least you have an additional backup.

– These home security systems are very user friendly. It is easy to arm and disarm the home alarm system. Unlike the complicated alarm system we used earlier for the home security, the new security systems are just like the alarms of your car, they are so easy and convenient when you enter or leaving your home

– You can talk to your home security system and the retail security system, voice recognition technology is applied here also after your. They only listen to your command exceptionally.


The advance home security system is not just limited to save your home from the burglary. They are way more than just monitoring your house as they can help you with managing your house.

– As mentioned above these security systems can help you save your plumbing.
– They can even connect you with your home’s central heating system and you can control cooling and heating through the home security system.
– Not just this, you can even control the lights of your house through security systems.

More Accessible

The home security systems are more accessible to you these days. They can be synced to your smart phones as many home security gadgets manufacturers have launched their smart phone apps. These apps allow you to mange the security of your home from any remote location. These apps will help you to

– Arm and disarm your home security or retail security system.
– Have check on the active alarm say if doors or windows are open.
– Have a look on the live or the archived security cameras videos.
– Control other interfaces like heating, cooling and even lighting.

These days despite of the advancement of technology these home security system are more accessible due o their reasonable price. Due to competitiveness in the market in the manufacturers of the security systems and many such companies that have popped up in the market the prices have gone low.

7 Ways Technology is Changing Home Security

The Technology has radically changed the way we protect our homes. What was before only possible in Sci-Fi movies is now gradually becoming reality. The digital revolution has made its way into our homes. Perhaps one of the best new features in home security tech is the advent of the smart lock. These locks can detect your presence automatically using Bluetooth in your smartphone or keyfob and unlock the door for you.

The best digital door locks will also connect to your home automation system and inform other devices such as the smart thermostat that you are away and to enter energy-saving mode. While Bluetooth locks are more secure, they have fewer features. WiFi locks on the other hand have more functionality, such as the ability to see if the door is locked in real-time. However, the connection to the Internet also makes Wi-Fi locks more vulnerable to online security breaches. Read more