The Batumi paradise real estate investment company is a growing family business where everyone is treated like loved ones, whether you are staff or a client. Batumi paradise is the premier real estate investment and management consultancy in Georgia. The real estate investment company have a staff of successful real estate investors, business consultants, accountants, lawyers, and property managers. Members of our team have been bank executives, government officials, and project managers of some of the largest and most profitable real estate developments in Georgia.

Being a growing family business where the culture is to treat everyone as if they are loved ones, Batumi paradise mean that. If you choose to work with Batumi Paradise, don’t be surprised if you become a lifetime friend who feels more like part of our family than a client. Every year thousands of foreign investors are flocking to Georgia because of the historically high rates of return on real estate investments. And a unique, key difference, is the process of Black Carcass investing.

Batumi paradise real estate investment company does not work on commission. The company works for your success

There are many real estate agents and a handful of financial advisors in Batumi real estate company. Every single one of them works on commission earned as a percentage of the sales price of each property they can convince you to buy. Like most commissioned agents throughout the world, it is obvious what their motivation is, and unfortunately, that motivation ends as soon as a sale is made.

Five Steps For Profitable Real Estate Investment with Batumi Paradise

Picking the right Builder and Location: This is where a professional real estate investing consultant such as Batumi paradise can help you a lot. At first glance, it may seem that any monkey can roll the dice with real estate in Batumi and come out a winner. Not all builders are alike. Some are well funded. Others are not. Some are more likely to complete their projects on time, some are not.

Some have the capital and resources to make sure the finished project is of the highest quality and passes all government inspections, and some do not. Some are genuinely interested in building a quality property that has long-term durability, dependable infrastructure, and bankable future resale potential. Others are more interested in turning a quick buck by selling people a “pig with lipstick”.

Choosing the total area (square meters) for your Apartment: This is a critically important step. If you are working with a professional investment consultant who is genuinely concerned with your financial well-being, you will have excellent guidance during this process. It is important to think objectively and not emotionally. Especially if this is an investment purely for income and resale potential.

Batumi Paradise Real Estate Investment Options

If your purpose is purely income or resale potential, it is important you look objectively at a space that will have optimal rental demand during the peak 100 days of the tourist season. This is not necessarily a place you and your friends and family would want to stay for extended periods of time. It is not necessarily a place you would feel “at home”. Instead, it is better to focus on a property that would make a luxurious hotel-type room for stays no longer than one or two weeks.

Choosing a rent-producing Design and Layout: This is the stage that is the most difficult for many investors. As when choosing size and place, it is very important to keep emotion and personal taste in check when designing a property for most profits. Often times investors visualize a space they would feel comfortable living within. They tend to choose countertops, cabinets, flooring, colours, and other design elements as if they are designing their own dream home.

The design is a part of the process where you can really maximize your profits, or really squander them. This is because costs can vary greatly. Everything from electrical wiring to tile, to countertops, will have huge ranges in pricing. Again, the decisions should be made without emotion and keep the personal taste in check. And, as with other aspects, decisions will depend greatly upon whether the property is your own personal vacation space, or it is purely for rental income.

Hire a quality Construction and Finishing Crew: This is the stage where price is never as important as quality. It is more important to hire contractors with the right experience, knowledge, and skills. In Batum, there is a great deal of risk when choosing a contractor. There is very little regulation when it comes to private remodelling. So, just about anyone can become a “contractor” and start doing electrical, plumbing, tile, flooring, or other design and construction work.

The contractor who actually performs your construction and design work is the absolute most important decision you will make. They are the make-it or break-it factor when it comes to how well your apartment will hold up to the daily wear and tear of tourists checking in and out of your property. They are also the most important reason behind the resale market potential of your investment.

Listing your Property with Revenue Producing Property Manager: What good is it to have a great property, in a great place, with a wonderful design and floor plan, if nobody knows about it or rent it? After all, tourist rental income is the main reason most people invest in black carcass real estate in Batumi. So, once you have your property rent-ready, you have a few choices to make. Will you live in Batumi and manage the property yourself? Or will you rely on a listing and managing agent to market, clean, support, and protect your property interests for you?

At Batumi paradise, real estate investment company, the great majority of our clients have never even been to Georgia. Much less Batumi. Most of them have done the entire investment process remotely. They contacted us online, had virtual meetings with our investment advisors, took virtual tours of properties, and made design and construction choices remotely. It is actually quite rare at Batumi Paradise when a client comes to Georgia and works with us in person. Read more

Whether you have $500 or $5,000,000 to invest in real estate, Batumi paradise have excellent opportunities for you to consider. No budget is too big or too small. Start your successful real estate investing adventure today