Almost 90 out of 100 website users now use Facebook which is more than double the percentage that is using Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. These facts make use of Facebook as means of online marketing tool very huge. Both the paid and organic Facebook Ads can add incredible value to your real estate marketing business online. Defining your targeted market online is very crucial.

Before you can start using Facebook for your real estate online marketing promotion, you need to know your target audience. For many real estate agents, the moment you start asking them to focus on a specific area or group of people, they get all clammy and start sweating. We all know: when we chase two rats, we definite catch none. You need to ask yourself these 5 questions before starting your real estate Facebook marketing.

– Who do you naturally relate to?
– What type of person do you offer the most value to?
– First-time homebuyers or empty nesters downsizing?
– Is there a certain city you are naturally a growing expert of?
– Buyers or sellers?

Once you are able to answer the questions, you start boosting your real estate Facebook target audience

Leverage your Email Lists: You can run targeted Facebook ads with specific emails that you import into Facebook. If you have someone’s email, you probably know them or have at least met them. When Facebook use those emails to find the users who are associated with them, you have a greater chance at success in connecting with them because they already know you. With this done, you are now remaining top-of-mind and positioning yourself to be the first call when they are ready to buy or sell.

Tell your Story Organically: In the real estate industry, which is highly relational, the reason someone chooses to work with you may have nothing to do with real estate. As a real estate agent, one of the worst things you can do is try and compartmentalize your life.As a real estate agent, one of the worst things you can do is try to compartmentalize your life.

You are an agent everywhere you go. so let your personal and business life mix. Create Facebook Live videos at your kid’s games. Talk about what’s going on. If you are into any sporting activities, post about it, and then mention how you love doing that before your first listing appointment. Now you have joined personal and business without being an annoying, begging salesperson. It works.

Generate News Stream for the Company, City, or Community you are Targeting: Everybody wants to know what is new and trending, the restaurants, schools, communities and shopping centres that are popping up in town. Break that news on your Facebook page timeline

Put contents on your timeline that is worthy of people reading and sharing. if you can do this successfully, you are already accomplishing two things: Putting things out there that are attractive to your target audience, and you Establishing yourself as the expert. And everyone loves working with an expert.

You can get millions of articles on using Facebook Ads to boost real estate marketing, but not many real estate agents understand the value in organically reaching your targeted audience as well.