NollyLand is the first Africa World-Class platform to watch African movies online. The platform was designed and built by Africans. Their customers have the opportunity of watching over 1000 of their favourite Nigerian Movies, Ghanaian Movies, and other African countries movies on any device and on any bandwidth (low or high) using a single NollyLand Account.

NollyLand platform has provided wonderful features of World-Class Movies platform. Registered users can enjoy Adaptive African Movies Video Streaming, Automatic Bookmarking of movies, they can choose to stop watching a movie and continue even when they switch to another device. Users have the choice for Watch List to personalize their movie choices, Timeline Thumbnails to easily jump to any scene in a movie, and intuitive Searching and Categorization.

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NollyLand African Movies

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How Producers and Movie Owners can partner with NollyLand to Monetize and Promote their Premium Movies with their own Brands

You can visit NollyLand sister company NollyMax technology limited for more details. NollyMax is one of the leading provider of technology for streaming and DRM encrypted downloads of African movies. NollyMax is the perfect solution for African Movie Producers and Owners with the tools they need to promote and monetize their Premium Movies under their own Brand.

Features of NollyMax leading streaming technology provider

Ability to Set your Price: Choose your own prices for your movies. Offer purchasing options for each movie, day passes, and subscriptions.
Promote your Premium Movies under your Brand: Highlight your Brand and promote your movies your way.
You can Monitor your Revenue: Monitor every sale and the performance of every movie. Collect data on the success of promotions.
Easily Analyze Statistics and Customer Usage: Detailed statistics on customer behaviour let you fine-tune your offerings.

NollyMax realizes that Premium African Movies need special attention to offer a quality and feature-filled experience for the customers. However, the Branding of these Premium African Content is also crucial. With NollyMax, Producers and Owners of Premium African Movies can project their own Brand and Movies with World-Class features and the quality that their Premium Content deserves