The landlord real estate tycoon mobile game will turn the world into a property board capitalist game, letting you buy and sell real world venues for virtual money. Get rich, trade in real-time and earn rent when other people check in at your properties. Donald Trump has nothing on you. This is one of the best buy games on the market, landlord real estate tycoon gives you the power to buy, sell and trade digital property based on real locations around the world! The strategy is key to get rich, as you must decide which properties will bring in the most money.

In the landlord real estate tycoon mobile game, you can buy Piccadilly Square in London. Trade it for Central Park in New York. Sell that and buy yourself a small coffee shop in the heart of Paris. Or buy local properties right by your home, school, or office. Whatever real world locations you choose, you’ll have to up your real estate game and become the best wheeler-and- dealer of property in the world!

You will be getting richer by buying upgrades for your properties! Invest in WiFi, karaoke evenings, and VIP areas to make locations more valuable and boost your rental income. But be careful: to avoid going broke, you must manage your portfolio well to make sure you have enough money to pay your daily property charges. Bank your cash and you’ll soon be a finance juggernaut.

Landlord Real Estate Tycoon Mobile Game Features

Buying, Selling, and Trading Famous Properties

– Buy nearby properties and profit when someone checks in
– Sell your buildings to earn more money
– Trade for anything, from Times Square in New York to Starbucks in Moscow

Visit the Real World Cities

– New York City beckons – Buy the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or your favourite deli
– Paris calls – Collect the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or the Luxembourg Gardens• San Francisco – From the Golden Gate Bridge to Ghirardelli Square
– Amsterdam awaits – Trade for your favourite museums or shops• Las Angeles – LA calls! Tackle Hollywood and invest in glitz and glam
– Dubai delights – The life of luxury awaits with exquisite hotels and attractions
– Sydney – Claim the opera house and everything else down under
– Real buildings from any city are yours to own in Landlord’s virtual world

Multiplayer Features

– Online competition is thriving for the biggest properties! Challenge friends and receive coins for each referral
– Battle online with players worldwide and compete with them for their properties
– Build an empire by bankrupting rivals and managing money

Cash Bonuses and GPS Check-Ins

– Money ain’t free – Unless you’re a Landlord capitalist! Begin with $50,000 in virtual cash to start your real estate empire games
– GPS coördinates and detailed maps let you earn rent money each time someone uses Foursquare or Facebook
– Landlord real estate tycoon mobile game lets you own your city

How to Download

To give the best user experience and enable real-time rent collection, all users need a Facebook or Foursquare account. You can sign up for one within the app, and it is completely free games! So sign up, and you’re off to become the next member of the Landlord economy games. Visit the mobile game download website if you have what it takes to be in top 100 or even top 10 Landlord around the world.