The Nigerian institution of estate surveyors and valuers (NIESV) is a professional body in Nigeria with the obligation of discovering and establishing qualified and motivational people practising in the landed properties and real estate professionals in the country. This organisation is also mandated in securing and improve the technical knowledge which makes up a land economy.

The aims of the Nigerian institution of estate surveyors and valuers are as follows

– To set up a high and reputable standard of professional conduct and practice in the landed profession throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

– To secure and improve the technical knowledge which constitutes land economy including Valuation or Appraisal of Real Estate and such fixtures and fittings thereto including plant and machinery; Land Management and Development Investment and Town Planning and to ease the acquisition of such knowledge by working in close collaboration with Universities, Institutions of Higher learning and other professional bodies.

– To promote the general interests of the profession and to support and extend its usefulness for the public good by advising members of the public. Government departments, Statutory Bodies, Local Governments, Association, Institutions and such like bodies on all matters coming within the scope of the profession and to start and consider any legislation relevant to the objects of the Institution;

– To attempt to acquaint the public with the role of the Estate of the Surveyor and valuer in the economic development of the country. This how one can join NIESV.

The scope of the professional services rendered by the Nigerian institution of estate surveyors and valuers includes

– Valuation of interests in land and buildings for various purposes: sale, mortgage, insurance, acquisition, probate, stocks, and shares, balance sheet, taxation etc.
– Valuation of plant and machinery, equipment, fixtures and fittings, stock-in-trade, furniture, motor vehicles, engineering installations/system and infrastructure.
– Valuation of construction projects.
– Valuation of oil and gas installations.

– Valuation of aviation and navigation installations, including aircraft, ships and vessels.
– Valuation for compulsory acquisition and compensation purposes.
– Feasibility/viability appraisal of planned development/project.
– Estate agency property sales and leases.
– Advice on property rights, acquisition and transfer
– Building maintenance management
– Project analyses and surveying

– Property management and development
– Infrastructure and facilities management
– Land reform, Land registration, planning and analysis
– Construction/project management
– Project finance procurement and syndication
– Environmental impact survey, analysis and valuation
– Property inventory and audit
– Asset management
– Auctioneering

Listed above are not exhaustive as more functions of the Nigerian institution of estate surveyors and values are created by statutes, business practices and development in the field of Estate Management/Land Economics from time to time. Visit the organisation official website for more detailed information