Pension real estate association scholarship programmes designed to offers its members access to educational opportunities, timely research and the people at the forefront of the industry through a variety of mediums such as its conferences and events, publications, research initiatives and member interaction. The association scholarship programmes encourage and sponsor research in some ways that are coordinated and evaluated by the Director of Research and the PREA Research Committee.

The pension real estate association scholarship programmes are conducted in cooperation with major universities and real estate centres across the U.S., the Institute is designed to deepen member understanding of the academic aspects of managing private and public real estate investment portfolios. The curriculum is taught by both academicians and practitioners, blending theory and practice for a balanced understanding of the relevant issues.

Pension Real Estate Association Membership and Benefits

Membership in pension real estate association is valuable for anyone involved in the institutional real estate
. PREA is committed to providing its members with a full range of services to help develop and enhance their skills and understanding of real estate investment. We welcome and invite your participation in the pension real estate association.

Membership in PREA is valuable to anyone involved in institutional real estate investment. The Association is a key provider and disseminates of up-to-date investment information, and a destination for investors who use our publications, forums and media to keep abreast of industry trends and to stay connected to colleagues. Some of the benefits of PREA membership are described in this document.


Membership in PREA is corporate only. There is no personal membership. Please show the type of membership for which your company is applying. Your application will be reviewed and is subject to approval. Annual membership dues are set out below.

Membership Categories and Annual Dues

Full Corporate: $5,990
– One Voting Representative
– Unlimited Adjunct Representatives
Standard Corporate: $3,570
– One Voting Representative
– Four Adjunct Representatives
Basic Corporate: $2,845
– One Voting Representative
– One Adjunct Representative

In keeping with the association’s educational mission, the Pension Real Estate Association awards scholarships on an annual basis to promising students studying real estate at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These scholarships are awarded through our own scholarship program and financial need will be considered in determining the amount of each award.

Potential recipients who demonstrate no need will be eligible to receive the smallest award. Pension real estate association scholarship programmes also partners with the Robert A. Toigo Foundation to grant a PREA/Toigo scholarship which is awarded to minority and women students. Visit the Toigo Foundation official website for more information about the Robert A. Toigo Foundation, its partnerships and its programs.