Let’s assume you have decided to start a blog. What you need to do next is choosing a name, register your blog and pick the right design for your blog. Actually, neither. All these things are secondary and you should move to them only after you’ve picked a niche for your blog.

Choosing a certain niche is crucial if you want to become a successful blogger. If you have a niche or two, you know what to write about and your audience knows what’s to expect from you. If you do not have any niche, you might end up just writing about any topic every time and not able to create a proper content plan, to organize yourself and to build an audience.

Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Niche for Your Blog

However, saying that you should pick a niche is definitely easier than actually picking one. You might be very passionate about the certain subject but this doesn’t mean that you have enough knowledge and ideas to dedicate the whole blog to it. Moreover, even if you pick a niche that you are able to write about, this still doesn’t guarantee that everything will work: you might find yourself filling your blog with top-quality posts but still being unable to attract the right audience.

That is why when it comes to choosing a niche you have to be very careful. Lucky for you, I can make this easier by offering you some useful tips about picking a right niche for your blog. However, first, it’s important to understand what exactly does niche mean.

What is a niche

A niche is the main theme of your blog. It doesn’t mean it should be narrow though: there are different kinds of niches (healthy lifestyle, fashion, blogging, life, design, etc.) and you can choose the one that seems the most convenient for you. For example, you can choose a healthy lifestyle as your niche or narrow it down to fitness only.

When it comes to choosing between narrow and broad niche, try to come up with as many topics for one niche as possible. Maybe you’ll realize that you can write a lot about a healthy lifestyle but can come up only with a few topics about fitness. Or maybe you’ll realize that most of your topics are related to fitness and so it’ll be wiser to choose it as your niche.

What is your passion

You have to write about what you have a passion for to make your blog amazing. Believe me, it is always obvious whether a blogger likes what they write about or simply do it to monetize a blog. However, simply choosing a niche you are passionate about is not enough. You have to be not only interested in something but also experiences enough to write about it all the time.

Moreover, you have to be sure that you’ll be able to tell something new and interesting to your audience, to create a content that is truly unique. For example, if you simply like various makeup tutorials, that doesn’t mean that you have to dedicate your blog to them; but if you are able to create your own tutorials, you should definitely give it a try.

Remember that a right niche is a combination of passion and experience. I’m sure that you have many hobbies and passions but are skilled in some of them more than in others. While it is completely okay for you to learn in the process, it is probably still better for you to choose the niche you are more familiar with.

Will this niche be popular

Some bloggers do follow the advice mentioned above when choosing their niche. It seems that they do everything right but eventually it turns out that this still doesn’t work. Why does this happen? Because simply choosing the right niche is not enough if monetizing the blog is your goal. You need to pick a niche that would be popular too.

You see, there are many niches that seem very appealing: they are quite unique and there aren’t too many blogs about them. However, they are unique for a reason: they simply aren’t as popular as the other ones. Sure, it’s possible to succeed in such niche too if your blog is truly amazing but it’s much easier to choose a niche that is much more popular and easy to promote.

To do so, do a small research after you come up with some versions of your blog niche. Google each version you have and check out how many blogs are there. Ask your friends whether they know some blogs about such niches or not; whether it would be interesting for them to read such blogs or not. And make your choice after you get your answers.
Look at options that are left.

By this time you probably have only a few options left. Some of us are lucky enough to have only one but for others, the choosing process continues. If you managed to narrow your options down to a few ideas, all you have to do is make a final choice. However, to do so you actually need to distract yourself a bit. Take a break (a day or two), spend some time thinking, maybe do a little research again.

The important thing here is not to rush with your choice. Once you’ve chosen a niche and started writing, there’s no way back: everything starting from the name of your blog and ending with design has to relate to that niche. That’s why it is so important to take your time.

Maybe deep down you already know the answer. Maybe there’s only one option that seems the most appealing to you. But you still need to wake to make sure. Also, try making a list of possible blog topics related to every niche: yes, you’ve done this before but now it can also help.

Once you’ve made your choice, stick to it! Don’t second guess your options, don’t doubt yourself simply go for it and start filling your blog with high-quality content. Be confident and consistent and you will succeed. I wish you good luck with your blogging!