Facebook has introduced a version of the Dynamic Ads product that will enable real estate brokers and realtors to retarget people who are searching for homes and apartment listings on Facebook or using the Facebook Ads apps with ads on Facebook and Instagram. Real estate brokers can use the Facebook dynamic Ads to promote a home’s price, availability and bedroom count to people who are searching a broker’s site or app.

The Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Real Estate are as straightforward as the name suggests. Similar to its Dynamic Ads for Retail and for Travel, this variation takes an advertiser’s product catalogue, in this case, the realtor’s home listings and converts those listings into ads that will appear in the Facebook and Instagram feeds of people who had checked out similar listings on the realtor’s site or app.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Real Estate Brokers Features

– Each of the property listing that a realtor or the real estate broker uploads including the image of the property, as well as the address, price and availability. It can also include information like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type, whether it’s for sale or for rent and if it’s newly constructed.

– Facebook will combine the information that realtor upload about each listing with the information it’s able to collect from realtors’ sites and apps to pick out listings it deems most likely to appeal to the user. The ads link to the realtor’s site or app.

– The Facebook Dynamic Ads is simply beyond retargeting people who viewed a particular listing on a realtor’s site or app, advertisers can use Facebook’s tracking tools to cause in details, like the neighbourhood a person viewed or the price range they set for their search, to promote similar listings they may have missed.

Setting Up Facebook Dynamic Ads for your Real Estate Property

You can automatically promote your real estate properties on Facebook by using the Facebook Dynamic Ads that is leverage cross-device intent signals to automatically promote relevant listings from your inventory with a unique creative on Facebook.

– Set up your Home Listing Catalog
– Build your Audience for Real Estate
– Create and deliver ads for your home listings
– Get delivery information to see how people on Facebook are engaging in your ads, see Ads Insights
– Use debugging tools to diagnose and resolve problems. See Dynamic Ads Debugging Tools.

Culled from Marketing Land | Facebook extends dynamic ad retargeting to real estate listings