Getting traffic to one’s website may seem like a difficult thing to do especially when one is a complete novice when it comes to internet marketing, but I have come to realise that it is not that difficult. The reason it poses a problem is that we often times are too preoccupied with generating website traffic to our other websites and this brings us to the first major reason that impedes your ability to generate website traffic.

Never Start More than One Website at a time

Let’s assume that you have three websites and you intend creating a signature profile for the three of them on a forum, it then means that you will need to create three different user accounts on the forum for all three websites to get back links pointing to all three websites. This is not only stressful but a distraction when it comes to generating traffic to your website. The rule is, start a website and grow it till it can survive and sustain itself. Do not distract yourself by dispersing your efforts. Your attention should always be concentrated on one website at a time.

Signature File

Website Traffic

Signing up on top labelled forums and creating an attention grabbing signature file is another good way to drive traffic to your website especially when you are an active member on such forums. As you contribute to the website, your website will be visited based on your intelligent contributions on such websites. While on such forums, you should endeavour to grow your audience and become a voice, by so doing, you become an authority in your niche.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is one very unique way to drive traffic to your website no matter the kind of website that you own. It is not a must that you must own a blog before you can leave a comment on any blog. You can get as much as 10 backlinks daily pointing to your blog or website daily by simply taking out time to visit new blogs and leave related comments on such blogs. You must always make sure that your comment is related to the topic being discussed and that you have read the post to put you in the right frame of mind to leave a comment on such a post.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is another way to drive traffic to your website from other people’s website. It is one traditional method of traffic generation that is still prevalent today. Before you can get those who wish to guest post on your blog, your blog must have joined the league of top blogs and attracting thousands of web visitors to it daily.

Guest posting is simply an online trade by barter system where articles are traded for high priority back links. Let’s assume that I just started a blog and would want my link placed on a blog with massive traffic, all I’ll need to do would be to write about the topic in the niche of that blog and offer to guest post to them if they accept guest post and in return my website link will be hyperlinked from my submitted article.

The above methods can generate large streams of traffic if only you will consistent with their usage to generate more backlinks for your website. There are other ways to generate massive streams of traffic to your website, which are not listed here, but the above the basics of what it takes to generate massive traffic to your website.