If I was given a paper and a pen to write about the economy of , it is nothing to write home about. A few months ago I was sitting on a bus where I overheard a youth corps member saying

”There’s no work in Nigeria the government has not tried to make things better and now we have nothing, not a single naira can I brag of as mine, my pocket is void of coins, talk more of Clement Isongs paper note. Now we must wait for the government to make the country better and create Job opportunities. Only then we make something with our lives.”

15 Lucrative Business to start in Nigeria

I was so disturbed, ignorantly young entrepreneurs keep on waiting for Government on Nigeria to make a change while we can, with the little we have. So I decided to name a few lucrative job Nigerians can start with a small capital.

Used Phones Sales

Lucrative Business to start Nigeria

Almost everyone has a phone he/she wants to buy, these wants have turned to needs for most people. We all want new phones but the lack of money has made it more likely for people to settle for the second-hand phone. Why not make a business out of them since the demand for this service is high?

This business is very simple to start with less capital, all that is needed is a small shop or a small show glass where you can display phones for interested buyers. Once you have set this business up, start inviting friends and family to patronise your business.

Hair Stylist

Hairstyling is a popular business which needs experience, training and patience. This business is quite lucrative; almost anyone with skills in hair styling will progress in this field. It requires almost nothing to start hair styling; a salon probably might be what you need here. As for men buying a clipper is okay to start with, the ladies can either buy hair dryers, other small types of equipment can be bought to supplement. When you are good at what you do, customers will gladly follow you home without a doubt.

Web Designing

Web designing requires little or no money when you have the acquired skills in HTML, Java, and CSS. So running this business depends solely on the ability to design sites for bloggers who can't do it. You can click here to learn how to blog. You can make a chunk of money from this.


Writing articles or editing requires not a single dime all you need is skill, talent, a pen and notepad. Writers these days make money writing articles for blogs and in return get paid for great articles. If you own a blog guest posting on other sites will drive traffic to your site raising the possibility of you earning online.

Computer/Phone Repair

Caveat: You have to be skilled to do this. A repair shop requires little money to start it up, study the main types of software and hardware’s, know all the components of the computer/phone you want to repair. You will need space to set up your business and start getting customers in Nigeria. Making money from phone repairs is profitable considering the fact that computers/phones get broken, this will lead to repair and guess what? Customers will troop in for a solution.

Laundry/Dry Cleaning

Correct me if I am wrong here but the task of washing, starching, ironing clothes has become a stressful task and time-consuming. For this reason, the need for laundry and dry cleaning services is one of the most needed jobs you can invest in to earn money. You can actually start this business in the comfort of your home, starting this first locally is advisable, the need for buying soaps, detergents, iron, table and cloth basin is basic, to kick this business going wait and see how the laundry pile up as you make the naira from them.

Snail Farming

Snail Farming has become more popular among Nigerians, the Igbo’s were the main pioneers to explore this business since then others have joined to make money This is a mouth-watering business. Farming snails in Nigeria are profitable and easy to farm as they don’t need as much capital as fish farming. You can start selling this by hawking and later build a shed; people can visit to enjoy this treat.

Cake Making/Catering

There are 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months in a year. No single day passes without a friend or someone out there celebrating his/her birthday. Celebrating a birthday with cake has become a tradition thereby birthday celebratory are looking for cake. Making cake requires less capital, if fortunate friends or people you have made a cake for, might send others your way for the good service rendered.


Lucrative Business to start Nigeria

Aha! Many Nigerians today do not know the way to earn money in blogging if you have heard of lindaikejiblog and how she has turned her blog into a multi-million dollar blog. Then you need to read how to make money in blogging making income from blogging is easy and you can read how to set up a blog. Less capital is needed here compared to what you spend on phones and your wants.

Cleaning Service

Nowadays, big enterprises, restaurants, household need the services of cleaners, so many directions you can choose in this business. This business requires less capital to start-up with, you might need to hire friends who can help, from a corporation and make your services legitimate. It requires less capital since you buy cleaning equipment that is cheap in the market; from there you can recommend your service to friends to help spread the word about your business.

Printing Press

There are varieties of service you can offer with a printing press. It is relatively easy and requires less money to start-up with. Printings press are mostly large and you might get discouraged by this but don’t. Rent a small shop buy a printer, start off slow and people will get to know your business.

House Agent

Agents in Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt and major cities in Nigeria can testify on how they made millions from nothing by being an agent. Agents serve as advertisers, sellers at the same time. They get their contract through property owners who want to sell their belongings for reasons unknown. Agents get their cut of the money from both the main seller and the buyer depending on how the case may be.

Starting this business requires less money, to get customers from it, the connection from friends or mutual business men will go a long way in promoting the business. Who knows in a few years time, you can be the best house agent in Nigeria. However, it wouldn’t happen if you don’t give it a try.

Importing Cars from Abroad

Most cars on Nigerian highways are now imported from abroad. Most of these cars are from Cotonou transported through the border. People who import these cars into Nigeria have made a decent earning, some are now car dealers.

You can start this business if you can drive a car; the next thing is finding relatives, friends that are interested in buying cars abroad. Volunteer to help buy these cars from Cotonou where you can find it at a cheaper price, you can get good cars at 800 thousand sold in Nigeria for a whopping sum of 1 million. So count the cost and tell me what you think?

Recycling Supplier

Recycling products need little or no money to start this business. Companies, factories are in need of suppliers to supply. You can serve as major supplier companies that need this service. Recycling computers, cell phones, and other items containing metal is labour intensive and yields significant revenue if you find a buyer who will give you a good price.

Finally, there are more jobs out there you can start with the capital you have, regardless of how big or small it is. The famous Coca-Cola sold just 7 bottles when it started. So even when you have setbacks don’t sit back and do nothing. Work smarter & harder, the light is at the end of the tunnel for those who try.

If I was given a paper and a pen to write about the economy of Nigeria, it is nothing to write home about. A few months ago I was sitting on a bus where I overheard a youth corps member saying ”There’s no work in Nigeria the government has not...