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3D VR Camera Built On Google VR 180 Technology

The 3D VR camera built on Google VR 180 tech majorly geared heavily toward YouTube creators, packs a pair of fisheye 13MP lenses positioned about eyes-distance apart, allowing for the high-quality 3D vision that’s perfect for VR viewing. The 3D VR camera is not too expensive for creators looking to experiment, but it is a worthy question of how big that niche really is.

The virtual reality camera is based on YouTube’s VR180 platform, which is aiming to basically make capturing VR live-action content a little more palatable to creators. Indeed, 360-degree cameras have certainly gotten a lot of attention, but creators haven’t really figured out what to do with them for the most part.

3D VR camera

Google has a compromise here is to simplify the medium with a camera that shoots half as much but isn’t too expensive and delivers crisp 3D 4K video. The 3D VR camera is very nice, it does not feel like it is overly high quality, but it is solid enough and, most importantly, very pocketable. Like many 360 cameras, battery life isn’t awesome at two hours, but the battery can be swapped in and out and the camera comes with a spare, which is very nice. ReadOnline Video Chat Apps for Android Devices Free Download

Users can use the 3D VR Camera Google’s VR180 app to preview shots and live-stream footage from the camera

The 3D VR Camera could all be a winning solution, but the question is really whether this product is popping up a little late. Tons of YouTube creators have undoubtedly experimented with VR-focused video and have gotten tied up in the frustrations. While the number of headsets is still growing.

it is still not enough that VR viewers can sustain a channel, and while VR180 videos are visible in “magic window” mode without a headset as well on mobile and desktop, it obviously loses the 3D capability as a result, which is kind of the biggest draw.

Culled from Tech Crunch | The first 3D camera built on Google VR180 tech arrives

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