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Arras WordPress Theme Free Multi Column Style.CSS

Arras WordPress theme became my favourite theme when stumbled on all the wonderful features I was looking for in any theme. I decided to give Arras a chance and it turns out with easy customization since it has a user CSS file where you can put all your codes making it easy to style your site without doing any harm to your main theme files.

Arras WordPress theme is a sophisticated, simple and clean WordPress with lots of features for a magazine or news blog. The theme homepage comes with 4 different customizable layouts; having a One, Two, and Three column layouts with Seven different alternate styles.

The new Arras WordPress theme is compatible with two menu locations, custom post types and custom taxonomies support. The theme has a child theme with numerous action and filter hooks available to use.

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Be on the lookout for Arras 1.6 which will bring the theme into compliance with WordPress 3.9.1 standards in July fixing more than 25 bugs and other compliance issues. The theme will surely provide a stable and error-free experience and play well with an even wider range of plugins. The updated version 1.6 will have HTML5 doctype, making it all the latest semantic markup available to the user.

Features to look for in Arras WordPress Theme

* Combining all Arras options onto a single options page in the WordPress admin
* Add Previous and Next links to single posts display
* Add new customization option in the header, to include
– Custom header background colours
– A new widget area in the header will replace the search bar with the option of ability to put a search bar in the widget
– Theme compatibility with WordPress’s built-in header customization will replace the old Arras Logo feature for more flexibility

Arras WordPress theme

Download and Release Page

Arras WordPress theme will still make user.css available. However, future versions will not. I recommend beginning now to move any custom styles you may have in your user.css either to a CSS plugin or to the style.css file in a child theme. (A starter Arras child theme style.css will continue to be provided with all Arras downloads.)

Arras 1.8 is The last Arras version you’ll have to manually install. You will still have to install Arras 1.8 manually (via FTP, or however you’ve been doing it). However, once you install Arras 1.8, you’ll find a new option to allow WordPress to check for updates along with other themes and plugins. I’ve made this an option that Arras users will need to enable for those who want to test any updates before having them go live on your site.

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