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Best URL Shortener and Custom URL Shortener Software

URL Shortener is those tools used by people on the web to shorten the length of their websites and blogs URL, but to keep the path same that will bring visitors on the same page whose URL has been shortened using this software. The importance of URL Shortener is increasing day by day because everything is now shifting toward the internet. It is not advisable using a long URL of many links to sharing your web page or a post with your customers and client through social media networks.

You need a very good URL shortener. Here you will see how to choose the best URL shortener and a suitable software for shortening your URL according to your business. Different type of URL shorteners have different usages and these are selected on the basis of your business needs. Have a look at the core features that are considered while choosing the best one.

Steps On How To Choose The Best URL Shortener


The best feature of URL shortener is redirected. These can be ranged in different numbers and each URL shortener offers a different service. If you want to optimize your site for SEO then a good URL shortener must offer up to 300 redirects.

High-speed performance

Best URL Shortener

You want to shorten your website URL and it must be linked back to the original page when people click the short URL, but the speed of this URL shortener online must be very fast. You have to interact with different platforms and if the software is not having worth speed than it is of no use. First, check its speed using free trials and then buy it.


The best URL shortener is a one that tracks the number of people who click on this link. This is a very major factor that is considered when people want to increase their traffic and they want to know how many customers are involved and liking their posts.

Number of characters

The best URL offers a very less number of characters in a shortened URL. This is a very important aspect for those who provide services through Tweets. As tweets are limited up to few characters, you have to put a URL that is of just a few characters.


This custom URL shortener software must be reliable. If the service is not reliable and you cannot load all the links at one time then it is not worth working. You have to focus on its reliability before you complete a good one. Read: Microsoft Word Equation Editor Full Features


The last but not the least factor is the price of the URL shorteners. These are available as free services as well as you can pay a little amount to get the right one. But free softwares have little features if you are not running a big marketing campaign that these are suitable for you.

Choosing a URL shortener involves little efforts and research. These factors mentioned above combine to choose a better URL Shortener. Not necessary all shorteners have these features, but they have combinations of three to four features mentioned above.

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