Brisbane City Council is the largest local government in the Asia-Pacific region. The city council has an exciting time for Brisbane as well as the strategic urban planning team. Recent Queensland government planning reform is reshaping the delivery of our projects and work as we continue to focus on strategic planning and managing the growth of our city.

Responsibilities and skills of an exceptional senior urban planner are essential to make the projects, people and partners a big part of our success. Your extensive background as a planning professional will equip you with technical expertise, insightful thinking and analysis, effective decision-making skills and superb consultation skills.

Brisbane City Council Senior Urban Planner Job Description

– The attributes of the senior urban planner will enable the professional to prepare and deliver submissions on legislative amendments, respond to a range of matters such as the state planning policy and the new regional plan.
– Our particular focus will be on ensuring a smooth implementation and embedding of the Planning Act 2016 and associated legislation across our projects and deliverables.
– You will be building, maintaining and investing in quality working partnerships with state government as well as internal program partners.

– You will have a team of 3 to 4 planning resources as a leader, developing their ability, navigating the team through complexity and change and making considered decisions is critical.
– As Brisbane city council terrific team is currently forming a new group of people, this is the perfect opportunity for you to contribute your areas of ability and link it with the specialist research to drive evidence based planning.

How to apply: Are you up for the exciting challenge? Consider the essential criteria in the Position Description and articulate your skills and experience through your written application. Interested and qualified candidates should visit the application website for more detailed information