Before now, I have always wondered what makes a website tick especially when my installed Alexa tool bar, tells me that the website has a Google Pagerank 2, 3 or higher. It was just recently that I discovered that the worth, in terms of Google Pagerank of pages linking back to your website goes a long way to decide the worth of your own website. I think there is a chart for the above assertion somewhere online, I have come across it before and on that chart, the number of sites of a specific Google PR that needs to link back to you in order for you to gain a higher Google Pagerank was stated.

What I am trying to say in effect is that to actually go higher on the Google Pagerank Scale which is a scale of 1 to 10 and one must be careful about the kind of websites that should link back to one’s website. Losing one’s PR out of carelessness is actually very easy when it comes to exchanging links with every website that one comes across. The website that you link to should have a higher page rank than yours to prevent losing your available page rank to the website in question.

You should also be mindful of this fact when trying to request for link exchanges with other webmasters because just as you are scared of losing your existing PR to them, they are also scared of losing their existing PR to you. To me, I’ll suggest that you desist from finding link exchange partners because it can be harmful in the long run if you do not know how to go about your website ranking. There are far better ways of getting high priority links pointing to your website from high PR websites.

A few such ways to get High Priority Backlinks for Google Pagerank are listed below

– Blog Commenting
– Forum Signature
– Directory Submissions
– Article Submissions
– Guest Posting

With the above-listed strategies, you can easily get high PR websites to link to you.In conclusion of everything is that you really need to know the worth of websites before actually deciding to exchange links with the owners of such websites. If you ask me I’ll recommend installing the Alexa toolbar plugin for Firefox to instantly be informed of the page rank/Alexa rank of a website upon visiting that website.

Remember, the higher the Google PageRank of the websites linking to your website, the higher the PageRank of your site. I don’t know the specifics, but they need to be more and besides chasing PageRank is not a once for all issue, it is an ongoing affair.