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iPhone Free Music Download for MP3 Downloader

Free music download for iPhone now becoming time-consuming task since almost all music download app was removed from the AppStore. The iOS creators cared to protect the musicians from illegal music distribution. However, we have a selection of a couple of iPhone free music download apps that can still bring new music to your iPhone.

iPhone Free Music Download Pro is a software design to allow you to search for music and save it on an iOS device. The software has a wonderful interface with tools that made it possible for users to manage kinds of music and listen to all the tracks before you decide to download it to your iPhone. iPhone Free Music Download is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and allows users to create music and video playlist working fully on iPhone 5, 5c and 5s and higher versions.

iPhone Free Music Download Pro Full Features

iPhone Free Music Download

File manager: several file management functions are integrated to Free Music Download Pro Mp3 Downloader. It is possible to move, delete and rename files stored in the device’s multimedia library. He can also sort files according to specific criteria such as name, size or type.

Download manager: users can use this software to download videos from different Websites. Users just need to tap on a movie they want. iPhone Free Music Download Pro can automatically detect music tracks on a given website. Note that this application supports batch download.

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Multimedia player: users can listen to multimedia files saved to its device. This player can read both audio and video files. An Equalizer and a BassBooster function are available for fine-tuning the sound. Lyrics can be showed up during playback. You can download the iPhone free music download Pro for Mp3 Downloader to restore and backup files to and from DropBox.

Apple Music App

This is another iPhone Free Music Download that can be installed on any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It gives you almost all necessary music player functions: play/pause, stop, playlist creation and many more. Since Music app is a part of iOS, it gets updates and new features on a regular basis. One of the latest and most useful options is the ability to save music for offline playback.

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If you need to do it, the 1st thing to start with is to create an Apple ID in case you don’t have one. The next step is to turn on iCloud Music Library. You can do it in Settings > Music. You will be asked if you want to Merge or Replace your current music. Choose Merge to keep all your tracks and add the new ones to the existing music library.

Apple Music App iPhone Free Music Download Features

  • Run the Music app.
  • Search for a song or artist.
  • Tap a triple dots sing near the song or artist name.
  • Choose to Make Available Offline.

You can now save tracks for offline listening. Just note, the songs remain available offline till you pay for the subscription. If you decide to cancel it, the tracks will disappear. You need the Apple ID to get apps in the AppStore and back up your data to iCloud. It is also required for texting in iMessage and making FaceTime calls. You can also sign in to all Apple services with a single Apple ID and password. Apple ID is totally free, you may or may not add your billing info to the account.

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