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Online Scams You Should Know About and Avoid

An online scam is a type of fraud which makes use of the Internet. This type of fraud varies greatly and appears in many forms. It ranges from E-mail spam to online scams. Internet fraud can occur even if partly based on the use of internet services and is mostly or completely based on the use of the internet. Online scams refer to any type of scam scheme that uses email, chat rooms, websites etc to perpetrate a scam.

With the growth in online activities (Mobile users, Online shopping, information marketing and increase in social media) a recent survey by Threat Metrix, a cloud-based fraud detection and prevention company in conjunction with Ponemon Institute shows that 85% of surveyed recipients reported to have been worried and concern with the level of protection most online sites put in place to prevent fraud. This concern has pushed individuals to look for a self-method to protect themselves. This article will show you some of the popular online scam and how you can secure yourself from it.

Most of the online fraud (online scams) go unreported due to ignorance and a bid to secure one’s ego and vulnerability

The Online Dating Scam

Online Scams

Millions of people use dating sites, social networking sites and chat rooms to meet and interact with people. Possible, this online relationship becomes successful and even leads to marriage.

But as good as it sounds; scammers use these sites to look for potential victims. They create an account (popularly a female profile) to build an online relationship with the victim.

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To notice an online scam artist, watch out for hidden signs like when he/she is quick to leave the messaging service of the dating site to use personal email/IM or when he/she signifies how he loves you instantaneously or lives in the US but work or study abroad or when he/she plans to visit you in a short notice.

When it comes to a dating site, don’t send money for the other party to come over; don’t even receive money because you might likely be compelled to send ‘Clearing fee’ which most likely result to scam.

Money Transfer Scams

Money transfer can be useful when you are sending cash to your son oversea or to your grandmother in the village. At the same time, they are quite risky when you send cash to someone you don’t know. Sending money via money gram or western, online fund administrators is like sending cash. Once it is sent, it is near impossible to get it back.

To avoid money transfer Online Scams don’t

  • Pay for a product before receiving the products. That is why most online shopping website offers a ‘pay-on delivery’ service.
  • When using popular sites like Paypal, MoneyGram, perfect money, look out for the secured ‘green’ key that signifies the site is secured before logging with your credentials.
  • Don’t send money to someone who claims to be a relative or friend in need. They claim they are stranded and not close to their ATM, Phone etc. Try to look for an alternative and contact the supposed friend or relative to confirm the online claim.

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In some instance, online scam artist send a check to you and ask you to send half of the stipulated amount before it gets cleared by the bank. They tend to give you the assurance that once the check is cleared you can get your money back. This deal can be so juicy but you need not be carried away because definitely the check is about to bounce and when that happens, you become a victim of an online scam.

Lottery and Winning Online Scam

Have you received an SMS telling you that you’ve won a certain amount but before you can receive the cash you’d need to send a ‘clearing fee? Online scams artists often use the promise of prize gift or award to entice people to send money. Also, you can receive an email message that claims you’ve won a foreign lottery or Visa Lottery.

The message may carry the stamp of a government agency, a financial institute or a well-known company. The only thing between you and the winning will be a little fee from you to cover, shipping expenses, taxes or immigration fee.
If you ever win a gift prize (genuine one), you won’t have to pay a dime to receive your winning. Anyone that asks you to pay a toke is part of an online scam.

Credit/Debit Card Online Scam

This is the kind of online scam that make use of your credit/debit card without having physical possession of the card. This kind of online scam takes place every day in a variety of ways. You cant possibly to prevent it from happening but there are sure ways of making it tougher for someone to con you.

An online scam artist hijacks your card details when you make purchases in an unsecured site using your card or when the card is stolen or get missing. Most Online scam artist requires the card number, cardholder name (optionally), card expiry date and the CVV. To prevent yourself from this kind of online scam, don’t give your card details to bank officials, or use it on a site with the low trust issue.

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