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Online Training Courses at Mobility Oil & Gas Limited

Mobility Oil & Gas limited develop and deliver oil and gas online training courses at various locations in London and Aberdeen, United Kingdom; Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? and Houston, Texas, United States. They can also deliver training courses at your location-based on the request. Mobility Oil & Gas is proud that all their training courses are accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

The accreditation ensures that all learning activities adhere to best practice and that formal CPD recognition can be issued upon completion of the courses. Mobility Oil & Gas online training courses are designed for both technical and non-technical staff and the Petroleum industry courses.

Online Training Courses

Mobility Oil & Gas Limited is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent. Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider. They are also proud that all their online training courses are accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

Mobility Oil & Gas Online Training Courses courses includes but not limited to

Reservoir Engineering

– Reservoir Management
– Applied Reservoir Engineering
– Reservoir Simulation Principles and Practices?
– Reservoir Modeling
– New Technique for Decline Curve Analysis using Excel?
– Petroleum Reservoir Engineering
– Advanced Well Test Analysis?
– Thermal Recovery Methods for Heavy Oil Fields
– Enhanced Oil Recovery

– Oil Reserves Calculations
– Reservoir Development
– Gas Condensate Reservoirs
– Gas Injection in Gas-Condensate Reservoirs
– Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers?
– Waterflooding and Chemical Flood Processes?
– Paraffin, Asphaltene and Scale in Crude Oils: Theory, Problems and Solutions

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– Advanced Steam Injection Processes
– Waterflooding Technologies and Field Practices
– Re-Injection of Water Formation and Water Surface Treatment Technologies and Field Practices
– Water Shut-Off and Conformance Improvement Technologies
– WAG-Water Alternating-Gas EOR Processes
– Development of Natural Gas Field Producer Learn more


– Carbonate Reservoirs
– Exploration Concepts in Carbonate Systems
– Foundations of Special Core Analysis
– Coring and Core Analysis
– Introduction to Wellsite
– Introduction to Wellsite Operations
– Pore Pressure Prediction (PPP)
– Petroleum Geology for Non-Geologists
– Development Geology Learn more


– Basic Geophysics
– Quantitative Seismic Analysis for Exploration and Production Applications?
– Seismic Reservoir Characterization
– Seismic Data Processing: Overview of Methods and Practicalities
– Seismic Data Processing: Theory and Implementation
– Advanced Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation

– Applied Geological Subsurface Imaging and Velocity Model Building
– AVO + Seismic Inversion
– Multi-Component Seismic and Anisotropy
– Signal-to-Noise Enhancement Methods and Multiple Elimination
– Deconvolution and least-squares filtering
– 4D Seismic (Time-lapse seismic) Learn more

Health & Safety Training

– Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
– Confined Space Entry?
– Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS)??
– H2S Awareness & Breathing Apparatus
– Basic Fire-Fighting
– Incident Investigation?
– Permit to Work (PTW)?

– Process Safety (PHA)
– Waste Management?
– Basic Hazardous Chemical Handling
– Hazardous Material Management?
– Quality Management System?
– Working at Heights
– Human Kinetics and Manual Handling
– Supervising Safety? Learn more


– Modern Well Log Interpretation
– Production Logging
– Acquisition and Interpretation of Open Hole Logs
– Log Quality Control and Petrophysics
– Advanced Well Log Interpretation
– Formation Evaluation
– Well Log Interpretation Principles and Applications Learn more

Production and Completions Engineering Intelligent Completions

– Well Engineering For Non-Well Engineers
– Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers
– Heavy Oil Production
– Coiled Tubing and Its Applications
– Completion and Well Testing
– Workover and Completions
– Petroleum Production and Operation Engineering?

– Production Optimization of an Oil Reservoir
– Formation Damage and Matrix Acidizing
– Well Production Enhancement
– Hydraulic Fracturing
– Advanced Sand Control Management and Technology
– High Viscosity Crude Oils Optimization Production Technology
– Heavy Oil Pipeline Transport Methods and Design Learn more

Corrosion Engineering

– Corrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry
– Advanced Cathodic Protection Learn more

Facilities Engineering

– Offshore Systems Design and Construction fundamentals
– Subsea Systems
– Subsea Design Primer
– Gas Processing Operations Applied Mechanics Learn more

Oil and Gas Project Management

– Petroleum Project Management
– Scheduling for Oil and Gas Projects?
– Risk Management for Oil and Gas Projects
– Agile Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry Learn more

IWCF AND IADC WellCAP Well Control Certification Programmes

– IWCF Drilling Well Control Certification Programme?
– IADC WellCAP Drilling Well Control Certification Programme
– ???IWCF Well Intervention Pressure Control Certification Programme
– IADC WellCAP Well Servicing Operations? Learn more

Petroleum Business Management

– Financial Analysis, Modelling & Forecasting in the Oil & Gas Industry
– IFRS Based Accounting for Oil and Gas
– Costing and Budgeting for the Oil and Gas Industry
– Petroleum Economics
– Leadership Management For Oil and Gas Executives
– Advanced Contract Management

– Petroleum Economics and Contract Management in the Oil and Gas Industry
– Advanced Contract Negotiation
– Effective PR in the Oil and Gas Industry
– International Oil and Gas Law Fundamentals
– Advanced HR: Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Skills Course
– Advanced Human Resources (HR) for the Oil and Gas Industry Learn more

Instrumentation, Automation and Control Systems

– Process Control and Instrumentation?
– Process Analyzer and Sampling Systems
– Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (Scada) Systems
– Control Valve Maintenance and Troubleshooting??
– Distributed Control System (DCS)?
– Gas Chromatography & HPLC
– Fiscal & Allocation Metering Learn more

Natural Gas Engineering

– Fundamentals of Natural Gas Technology?
– Gas Processing Operation
– Design and Operation of Gas Gathering Systems Learn more

Drilling Engineering Technology

– Basic Drilling Technology
– Drilling Operations
– Drilling Fluid Technology
– Cementing Operations
– Drilling Hydraulics
– Advanced Deepwater Drilling and Completion
– Deepwater Challenges
– Drilling Optimization
– Drilling Supervisor

– Pre-IWCF Well Control Course?
– Advanced Drilling Technology
– Offshore Drilling Technology?
– Drilling in a High Pressure High Temperature Environment?
– Stuck Pipe Prevention?
– Well Planning and Programming?
– Casing and Cementing?
– Drilling Engineering for Non-Drilling Engineers Learn more

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You can request for available courses via info@mobilityoilandgas.com
Discount: Mobility Oil & Gas Limited offer 10-15% discount on Groups of 3 or more from the same company across all the online training courses.

Payment Terms & ConditionsOnline Training Courses

– Full payment in advance of training
– Payment details will be noted on the invoice
– Please include invoice number on the payment transaction

Registration: As a training delegate, you are required to complete the Course Registration form and return this to the training team by email at training@mobilityoilandgas.com

Language Requirement: The standard approach to the courses is to teach and assess in English. However, some of the courses are also available in Spanish. They can provide an interpreter on a needs assessment agreement. Kindly contact training@mobilityoilandgas.com with your language enquiry.

Course Fees: Mobility Oil & Gas is committed to ensuring satisfaction for all our customers and we rely on the Payment, Cancellation, Postponement, and Refund policy to ensure this satisfaction. Mobility Oil & Gas reserves the right to change this agreement from time to time. Changes and payment terms may be changed in accordance with the applicable price schedule.

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