A plagiarism checker plugin has been developed for you. No Need to copy and paste your whole content, just click on “Check Plagiarism” button and Plagiarism Checker Plugin can mechanically begin checking your full content sentence by sentence. You can compare plagiarised content by just clicking on sentences.

Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugin Features

Fast and Accurate: Plagiarism Checker plugin by smallseotools is terribly quick and show you 100% correct results. No need to worry about your content if you’ve installed this plugin on your WordPress site.

Sentence Wise Checking: Yes, you can check every and each sentence in your post content and show you the results consequently. Green sentences show the distinctive content since red sentences mean that those are plagiarised. if you want to ascertain demo simply have to check up on online Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugin

One Click Checking: If you are thinking you’ve got to copy paste content to check plagiarism, then you are wrong. The whole process of detecting copied content starts in simply by clicking one button of this Plagiarism Checker.

2000 Monthly Queries: If you have installed our plugin you’ll say that 1500 Queries are enough for a standard user. But we have a tendency to permit up to 2000 monthly queries so that our users will check their content easily.

Safe & Secure: We Respect our users, and we don’t save your post content in our system, also we tend to keep your information and content secure and we tend to don’t share even a single word of your content with anyone.

Compare Plagiarized Content: Here is also one among the foremost useful feature of this Plagiarism Checker by this you’ll compare any of your plagiarised sentences and see who is coping your post content. Or you can do some changing to form your post content uniquely.

Easy to configure: Configuration of this Plagiarism Checker plugin is simple like eating cookies with Tea. Just install our plugin and create an account at smallseotools.com, check here to register. After finishing your registration go to your account page and copy your unique API Key and paste that API key into the setting page of your plugin.

Multiple Website Usage: No you don’t need to create multiple accounts on their site, you can use your account API key for multiple WordPress Blogs. You can search for the Plagiarism Checker plugin from the WordPress plugin directory of WordPress download the plugin files and upload those files in the plugin directory and activate it.