With or without a professional guidance, you can help yourself making the sale of your much easier. The key factors include setting the proper price, , and making your real estate home sparkle inside and out.

Before putting your house for sale, a seller’s inspection is highly recommended. The inspection can help find previously unknown problems, as well as give you time to make any necessary repairs or renovations. Likewise, many states require sellers to disclose known problems with their house.

You need to hire a professional home inspector, as they can often find problems that are easily overlooked by a novice. Important things to look for include leaks, evidence of wood rot and wood-destroying pests, structural integrity and a thorough assessment of major systems such as the plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems.

Selling Your Real Estate Without Real Estate Agent

Make the property tidy, a house will look a lot smaller if not cram full of belongings-and you can’t just hide it in the garage either. Buyers like to imagine storage spaces full of their belongings, not yours. Get rid of clutter, and give the house a top-to-bottom cleaning. In particular, make sure the kitchens and bathrooms are immaculate. Buyers will notice right away if these rooms aren’t spotless.

If you want to go the extra mile selling your property without a real estate agent, you might even consider “staging” your house for showings. This can be as simple as adding houseplants and some decorative lamps, all the way to hiring an interior designer to bring in elaborate rugs, antique furniture and expensive artworks.



– Cut the grasses in the courtyard, trim hedges and edge sidewalks and driveways
– Wash the windows, and repair screens and shutters
– Clean oil spots from the driveway
– Pressure wash the outside or touch up paint if necessary
– Keep the entryway attractive


– Remove clutter and dust all surfaces
– Touch-up paint scuffs
– Thoroughly clean the kitchen and bathrooms
– Mop floors, shampoo carpets and clean fireplaces
– Organize closets so they seem spacious as possible

– Clear out the garage by holding a sale or donating items to charity
– Make sure light switches and the doorbell work
– Store excessive photographs, trophies or other knick-knacks
– Consider adding plants or other items to “stage” your home

Selling Your Real Estate With the help of a Real Estate Agent

You need to find the right estate agent that can help you set the right price, advertise and show the house to buyers, handle negotiations, draw up offers and co├Ârdinate the closing. In short, they can help you sell your home in less time, with less aggravation, and for more money.

Finding the right agent, you can start by asking family or friends for a recommendation, or try using the “Find an Agent” feature of this website. Agents who advertise in Homes & Land magazine are top professionals and can help give your home prime exposure.

Next, contact the agent and set up a meeting for a listing presentation. This gives you an opportunity to hear the agent’s plans for selling your property, as well as learn other important factors such as:

– Information about the current market and comparable sales
– Plans for marketing the house, including advertising and open houses
– How long the agent has worked in the community, former clients, etc.
– How much money you’ll net based on different selling prices.

Culled from Alanshelor Homes and Land | Tips for Selling Your Home

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With or without a professional real estate agent guidance, you can help yourself making the sale of your real estate much easier. The key factors include setting the proper price, effective marketing, and making your real estate home sparkle inside and out.Before putting your house for sale, a seller's...