Mobile monitoring applications have developed as the need of the hour in this digital era. Today’s teens spend most of their waking hours using their mobile phones and socializing with their buddies via social media. The more time they spend online the more they are more likely to meet online dangers such as cyber-bullying, child predation, pornography, sexting, online sex crimes, narcissism and catfishing among others.

The mobile tracking software enables parents to monitor the digital behaviour of their children and supervises their mobile phone use. This provides them great support in protecting them from the threats in the real and online world. TheOneSpy is a cross-platform monitoring application that is particularly designed for parents to keep tabs on the mobile phone use of their children.

It is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones and offers many features to monitor and control the targeted mobile phone. There are time-based subscriptions of the software varying with the operating system of the target device, packages plans and subscription period.

TheOneSpy Mobile Parental Monitoring Software

Once the software is installed on the mobile phone of a child, it initiates accessing the information saved on the phone such as messages, contacts, call logs and photos etc. The data is then uploaded to TOS account which can also be used to use the app. Parents can sign into TOS account anytime and from anywhere and keep eyes on the mobile phone activities of their children.

TheOneSpy Mobile Parental Monitoring Software Features

From hundreds of features to track the mobile phones of children, we have rounded up here a few main functionalities of the mobile parental monitoring software.

Monitor Messages: Do you know what type of messages your kids’ exchange? The spy app lets you know the mobile phone conversations with your children. You can read the SMS, MMS and instant messages received and transmitted by your kids and can also see the contact details of the message sender and receiver.

Tap Phone calls: The private phone calls of your kids will no more be secretive. The Spy Phone app lets you listen to the phone calls of your children by getting all the incoming and outgoing calls recorded. It automatically records all the phone calls received and made from the target phone and uploads those recorded calls to TOS account. Parents can listen and download those calls in different formats for further use. Moreover, the spy app allows intercepting the calls from unknown numbers.

Track GPS Location: You can know the current location of your children anytime with GPS location tracking feature of the spy app. Meanwhile, you can mark locations as safe and unsafe to create a virtual boundary around your kids. The app notifies you if your kid crosses the boundary and enters the unsafe zone.

Monitor Surroundings: What if you could know where your kid is and what is he/she doing even remaining far away from him/her? The mobile parental control software allows you to use the camera and microphone of the monitored phone. It lets you see and listen to what is happening in the vicinity of the phone.

TheOneSpy Mobile Parental Monitoring Software

Spy on Social Media Apps: Social media is the place where kids love to spend most of their hours. The spy app lets you monitor the social media accounts of your children including the Facebook account, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Tinder, Kik, Line, Vine, IMO, Hike, Telegram and many other online and social media accounts.

Monitor Web Browsing History: The monitoring software also enables parents to supervise the internet use of their children. The app shows the detail of each webpage visited and information searched by your kids on their mobile phones.

Keystroke Logging: The tracking application stores the keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the monitored phone. It includes the keylogs of username, password, messengers and email addresses. Parents can use these keystrokes to closely monitor the online accounts of their children.

Track Emails: You can read the incoming and outgoing emails of your children and can see the email addresses of the email sending and receiving parties.

View Media Files: The photos and videos captured and received on the monitored phone get also uploaded to TOS account. Parents can see these media files and download them as well.

Crux: TheOneSpy is unfailing and feature-rich mobile parental control software. It works with complete secrecy and helps protect your children from the online and offline dangers.