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WordPress Anti Spam Plugin for Spamming Registration

Sabre WordPress anti spam plugin is the best to stop spamming registration on your blog, Sabre is an acronym for Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine that can be set to countermeasures against spam registration. The WordPress Anti Spam plugin is the solution to stop definitely these robotized visitors. I have been experiencing a spamming registration on my blog before stumbling on this wonderful plugin that has stopped the usual daily 50 spamming registration on my blog.

With this WordPress anti spam plugin, you will be able to control how your users will be registering on your blog without them spamming. Some of the best features of Sabre WordPress plugin are it allows you to add CAPTCHA to registration form & you can also choose the complexity of the CAPTCHA, Invite Only User registrations, Black Listing suspected IP’s, email verification etc.

Full Features of Sabre WordPress Anti Spam Plugin

WordPress Anti Spam Plugin

All the features listed below can be activated by parameters making Sabre to be flexible enough and fits the protection policy one can define for its WordPress blog.

* Ability to include a CAPTCHA in the registration form
* User can select the CAPATCHA’S complexity
* Random or fixed choice of the text to run
* Selection of the background colour for the CAPTCHA image
* Ability to include a math test on the registration form
* Unobstructed tests to detect if registration is done by human
* Limited number of days for user confirmation before disabling the account for registration
* Registration blocked if JavaScript is unsupported by the browser

* A single site administrator can validate the user registration
* The user has the ability to validate his registration by clicking on a link sent by email
* Custom logo on login/registration screen
* Main statistics displayed on the WordPress Admin Dashboard
* Log on prohibited before user confirmation
* User must agree with warning text, a disclaimer, or general policy note when registering, etc.

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You can automatically suppress a user account created by WordPress when the registration is cancelled, just click on the “Suppress unregistered users” checkbox. This option will be taken into account either in a manual cancellation or in case of an exceeded period of time. Keep in mind that all the posts and links owned by the suppressed user account will be deleted as well. Sabre WordPress anti spam plugin is compatible with WordPress 3.0 and above.

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